How to bet on Golf

Pretty much every book now permits betting on golf with the focus on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. Most books also feature the LGPA Tour, the Champions Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour. How to Bet on the Outright Market in Golf Betting on the tournament result is sometimes referred to as “future” […]

How Golf is Played

With the changing of laws in the United States a few years back, sports bettting has become available in about half of the country. Major sports like football and basketball took off immediately and saw some significant betting amounts. Oher sports, like golf have taken more time to gain a foothold. Well, the time has […]

Examples of Betting the Middle

Betting the middle typically refers to finding middling opportunities with the point spread in football and basketball, while arbitrage typically refers to hedging two-way bets through moneyline wagers. While they’re both similar and work on the same basic concept, there are a few important details to understand for each. We’ll start with the simplest form […]

What is Betting the middle and Arbitrage Betting?

Any time you bet on sports, you’re comparing rish with reward. It’s the essence of gambling and the reason it’s so thrilling. But what if we told you there’s finance strategy used by professional sports bettors that guarantee profits, one that involves taking both sides of a two-way bet simultaneously? It’s called arbitrage betting, and […]

Buying Points in the NBA

While buying points in football is definitely more popular, it’s also really common in the NBA. Since the scoring increments in basketball are two and three points, and it’s such a high-scoring sport, point spreads and key numbers are tricky. In this section, we’ll give you some guidelines for how to buy point profitable whne […]

Buying Points in the NFL

Since there’s a good chance you’ll be using this guide to buy points in the NFL, there’s one more really important concept we have to cover: Key numbers. Key Numbers for Buying Points in the NFL Key numbers refer to the most common margins of victory for NFL games and they can play a gig […]

Better Point Spread vs. Worse Payout

We’ll cover lots of reasons gamblers buy points when betting on NFL and NBA games, but the biggest is the simple fact that it gives you a better point spread and a better chance of winning. The trick to buying points profitably, however, is weighing the value of the improve spread against the worse odds […]

Pros and Cons of Buying Points

A lot of the advice you’ll hear will tell you to avoid buying points, that’s it’s a sucker move. The truth about buying points is much more complicated than that. It can be a smart move or a terrible strategy depending on lots of different factors. We’ll explain those factors in more detail below but […]

Should You Buy Point on Point Spread Bets?

If you’re the kind of gambler that likes to take control and make strategy decision, buying points on the spread might be the move for you. In this sports-betting strategy guide, we’ll tackle the hotly-contested concept of buying points. We’ll dig into how it works, whether it’s a good idea and some of the most […]