How to Play Double Up Blackjack

There are many ways to play blackjack online, with many variants available at sites that offer online casino gams. However, the world of blackjack has gotten even better with a new version of online blackjack taking the gambling world by storm: Double Up Blackjack.

Below, learn about this new twist on the classic game, including how to play this blackjack variant, its unique features and other similar games you might enjoy.

Double Up Blackjack Game Overview

Double Up Blackjack is an exciting new take on the beloved online blackjack. The game stickes to the core blackjack experience while making slight adjustments to the gameplay to offer a fresh experience. The main game has an RTP of 99.72%, while side bets reduce the RTP to 93.2%.

What are the Differences Between Blackjack and Double Up Blackjack?

Here are the key changes that make Double Up Blackjack difference from the standard game of blackjack:

  • Dealers must draw to 17 but are required to hit on a soft 17.
  • If the dealer has a hand worth 16, it’s a push. The only exception is if the player has a blackjack (natural 21)
  • You hae the option to double down on any combination of cards and will receive one more card.
  • Unlike other blackjack games, you have the option to “double up” where you can double your original wager after you have been dealt your first two cards. However, once you double your bet, you can’t hit anymore, meaning that, for better or worse, you are committed to the current state of your hand.
  • There’s an additional “Bonus 16” side bet where you wager on whether the dealer hits 16 or not. The prize for this side bet can be p to 500x your original bet.
  • A player is limited to only one split.

Blackjack and Double Up Blackjack Similarities

Apart from the differences above, traditional blackjack and this new variant are the same. Side bets like insurance still exist, payouts for blackjack and insurance have odds of +150 and +200 respectively, and the action plays out just like the regular game.

Double Up Blackjack Graphics and Sound Effects

Double Up Blackjack features pristine visuals, with both a landscape and portrait format availale, depending on the type of device you are playing on.

The action plays out on a detailed blackjack table with a choice of colored felt – red, blue, green or magenta. There are multiple positions at the bottom of the table, labeled “Bonus 16,” “Place Bet,” and “Double Up.” The player’s wagers are tracked in the center of the table. Above it is a brief description of the other rules in this version of blackjack and the title of the game. The game shares how much you can win based on the total number of dealer’s cards for the Bonus 16 side bet. Finally, the table limits per hand are also displayed.

The sound effects are simple but effective, with each action featuring an accompanying sound. A voice-over communicates specific events in the game, such as when the dealer or player gets blackjack or busts.

How to Play Double Up Blackjack

The game begins with the player deciding how much they want to wager. The minimum wager is $0.1, while the maximum wager is $100 per hand.

Once you’ve placed your bet, you’ll be dealt one card, followed by the dealer receiving one card, both of which are face up. You’ll then receive another card, as will the dealer, but the dealer’s second card will be face down. If you receive a natural 21 (or blackjack,) your payout odds will be +150.

If you don’t have a natural 21, but the dealer’s upcard is an ace, you’ll then be able to decide if you want to place an insurance side bet. This side bet costs half of your original wager and is there to protect you if the dealer has blackjack, as the payout odds for an insurance wager are +200.

The action continues with you deciding whether you want to stand (not take any more cards), hit (take another card), or double up your original wager. If you decide to double up, you’ll get one more card, after which you are forced to stand. You can decide to split here if you have a pair of cards, which can also be followed by a double-up. When you split, you’ll play one hand, followed by the other, until you’re happy with both hands, or you go bust.

Once you’ve decided to stand, the dealer will play out their game as normal. However, if their hand is equal to 16 after receiving a card, it’s a push on all wagers, and the game is considered a draw. Also, a dealer must draw if they have less than 17, but if they land a soft 17, they must hit.