Could Skill-Based Slots Appear at Online Casinos?

Traditionally, slot machines are games of luck. The player is at the mercy of a random number generator or another program that dictates the result. But that all changes when we talk about skill-based slots.

Skill-based slots have become available in many in-person casinos. These machines are slots that require a player to compete in a game. The outcome of the game is based not so much on luck, but rather on how well the person plays.

A traditional slot arrangement may appear in these types of games. But in other cases, the game is fully based on arcade-style gameplay.

The development comes as modern audiences have a greater interest in video games. Slot machine companies are finding ways to make their products more appealing to people who want a little more interactivity.

There is huge potential for skill-based slots at online casinos. But this means that online casinos will have to adapt to new formats and appeal to new audiences. Can we expect to see this shift soon?

How the Skill-Based Slot Works?

Skill-based slots offer players a lot of different ways to enjoy the game. A skill-based slot will come in one of two forms:

Slot-Game Hybrids

In a slot-game hybrid, a player must get enough scatter or bonus symbols on a spin to activate a bonus skill game.

In this type of game, the player will start by placing spins like with any other slot. But after a while, a player will get a few scatter or bonus symbols on a spin. When they get enough, the player will enter a bonus round, where they can win more money by playing an interactive game.

Many of these games include fun themes. Some games will have a round where players must solve a puzzle or match symbols.

Other slot-game hybrids feature an arcade-style or game show-style approach. Some of these are based on retro arcade games. For example a Space Invaders slot would require that players get enough scatter symbols to unlock a round of the iconic arcade game. The player wins more money if they destroy enough targets during the round. Other classic arcade games like Centipede and Missile Command have similar slots.

An example of game-show style slots includes the Deal or No Deal slot. The player will collect bonus symbols on winning spins. The player can use those symbols to open a bunch of cases, just like on show. The player can then choose Deal to accept a guaranteed prize, or No Deal to keep playing and to get more symbols to open more cases.

Luck is still a factor in these games. It can take a while to score enough to get to the skill-based round. But these games crank the excitement of traditional slot machines up an extra notch.

Arcade-Style Games

You can also find arcade-style slots, which don’t use spinning reels like traditional slots do. Instead, a user will play a game that has unique instructions.


  • A player might enjoy a match-three game where the person must match as many symbols as possible on the screen within the time limit.
  • A word game can involve players having to make words out of what they see in a box with several letters.
  • A catapult-like game would involve using a virtual catapult to knock over buildings or targets.

These games are challenging and require skill. But with a lot of practice, you can score some big prizes. But as the player progresses, the game’s difficulty will rise exponentially.

You can find many different arcade-style slots at land-based casinos. Gamblit Gaming has developed some interactive arcade-style games where players must control a game with a touchscreen.

Could Skill-Based Games Appear at Online Casinos?

With skill-based games becoming so popular at in-person casinos, many people wonder if they’re coming to online casinos as well. The good news is that many of these games are made by companies that already produce slots for online casinos.

When creating a skill-based slot for online gameplay, programmers would have to consider a game’s control scheme. Some games can be controlled with a mouse. You could also use the touchscreen setup on a mobile device if you’re playing on one. But in other cases, the controls might be complicated and may require a keyboard. A developer would have to look at how well the slot works on certain devices and how online players could get the most out of the game.

A Final Note

Skill-based slots add an exciting dimension to slot play, especially as casinos are trying to bring in younger audiences. Don’t be surprised if these slots start to make an appearance in online casinos. The big hurdle seems to be converting the controls of these games to an online format.

But as game developers get smarter, we can expect to see skill-based slots in online casinos. Keep your eyes open!

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