Some Lucky people who won the lottery in the world multiple times

Winning an important lottery prize itself is a fortune, but for some people lighting the blow again and again. While most of the play for years did not dredge anything worth mentioning, others managed to do it multiple times in a few months or even days. Several players even won several prizes in the same chart by playing the same number of times.

Winning the Powerball once only will be enough if a huge $ 145.000.000 jackpot is a problematic bonus – now play to see if the money will fall into your circle as it is for these successive lottery winners.

The Virginia couple won the lottery three times in a month

Lotto Winner

Back in March, Calvin and Satra Spencer from Portsmouth won three lottery tickets in a month, becoming an unexpected millionaire. They won $ 1,000,000 in Scratch and $ 50,000 in Pick 4 of the Virginia Lottery, of which 10 tickets have the same winning combination of 6-6-6-6 and $ 1,000,000 in the Powerball.

“I have not seen anything like this for 12 years, and people in the office can not believe when they get the winning ticket,” Virginia Lottery spokesman John Hajar said.

The couple had to say their incredible winning strikes? “We have not finished!

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Men win 42 prizes by the year of birth

Lotto winners do not like other people on the list, Wiley Tuley has never won a seven-figure bonus, but the story of his lottery win, his 4d lucky number is a fun one. Cedar Rapids’ grandfather hit his number of years of birth, winning 42 awards, for a total of $ 200.000.

“I do not think there’s any science and luck. Just implement a plan – that’s what I did, it worked! But it was random, no problem,” the winner said, getting a $ 32 prize of $ 6.000, two prizes of 3.000 The dollar and eight prizes are $ 250, due to the numbers 1,9,4 and 3.

Six $ 1.000.000 strong tickets purchased by the same person

Lotto Winning Winning $ 1.000.000 seems to be a dream that dreams of becoming an Arizona man not only once but six times in the same night. As early as 2012, Glendale’s residents bought six cards with the same number of cards, but different Power Balls did not lead him to the top prize, but he won $ 6,000. The anonymous winner collected his prizes during three visits to Phoenix, described as “every exciting event” Arizona Lottery Jeff Hatch Miller Executive Director.

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“It’s absolutely fantastic, and as rare as possible, it does happen. In fact, they come to three different times, and only some things that they know, certainly do not know us,”

Seven times lottery winner

Lotto Winner “Learn how to increase your chances of winning a lottery” by Richard Lustig won lotto seven times in all over $ 1,000,000. His first victory (worth $ 10.000) came in 1992, two weeks after his son was born, he used it to pay hospital bills and repair leaks in the roof of his house. Ten years later, when he arrived for the fifth time, he had four lotto wins, which was one of the most impressive – an accident of $ 842.000! Lustig does not believe it all comes down to pure luck, he follows these rules to increase the chances of winning:

– Choose your own numbers instead of buying quick picks.

– Research to see if your numbers have won or 4d toto result past.

– Select your ten sets of numbers and keep those if you continue to buy tickets.

– Purchase as many tickets as you can afford.