Are Megaways Slots All That They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Slot machines have undergone many changes over the past few decades. Developers continue innovation slot machine games in order to keep up with the technology curve. Providers realize that they must offer fresh ideas to continue attracting gamblers. Megaways is one of the latest innovations that have captures the gaming world’s attention.

These slots offer many ways to win in every round. But such games can also be somewhat deceiving.

What are Megaways Slots?

A Megaways slot is aptly named for the fact that it offers numerous winning combinations. Some of these games can feature up to millions of ways to win in each round. If you’re used to traditional payline slots, which normally offer 20 to 50 lines, you may be shocked at Megaways.

Bigtime Gaming (BTG) was the first to introduce these games to the gambling industry. BTG’s Fruit Bonanza, which features up to 117,649 ways to win, was the first such slot to gain mainstream fame.

Since then, other developers have rolled out these types of games. Play ‘n GO has taken things to a new level with Laser Fruit, which offers up to 60,466,176 ways to win

How is it possible to allow 117,649 ways or even 60,466,176 ways ? These slots mechanism that adds more spaces to the reels.

Bonanza, for example, features six reels. Each one of these reels can offer between three and seven symbols.

How Do Megaways Slots Differ From Traditional Games?

Most slot machines still operate through paylines. With these games, you need to land matching symbols in an active line to earn money. This traditional format has fascinated gamblers for decades. However, it’s getting a little stale to the younger crowd.

Another trait of standard slot machines is that they have uniform reels. If you’re playing a 5-reel slot on a 5×3 grid, then the reels’ sizes aren’t going to change throughout the round.

Megaways brings something new to the table by blending a unique format with many different payout combinations.

First off, you can increase the size of reels in these games. A six-reel slot may start off with a 6×3 grid, only to increase each reel size as features are triggered. Megaways slots also differ from standard games by offering countless winning possibilities. Laser Fruit currently takes the cake by featuring over 60 million ways. But even BTG’s games with 117,649 ways are quite notable.

Pros of Megaways Slots

You may have already formed your own opinions on why Megaways slot machines are special. But here’s some reasons why such games are worth playing.

Boost Your Winning Possibilities

Once upon a time, 20 or 30 paylines were impressive. However, Megaways has blown this old format out of the water.

You can build the number of chances that you have to win in each round by adding spaces to each reel. In many cases, you add these spaces by landing more cascading wins.

The “cascading effect refers to when symbols from paying combinations disappear. Afterward, other icons fall into their empty spaces to give you a shot at more prizes.

Aside from offering you more opportunities, cascading reels can also be programmed to trigger larger reels. Therefore, you get the dual benefit of more wins and higher reels.

Break the Mold

If you’re tried of playing regular payline slots over and over, you can break out of this rut by trying Megaways games. You’ll likely appreciate how the reels can expand to different size. A seven-reel Megaways game could offer a 3-5-4-6-3-5 format, for example, in a given moment.

The increasing and decreasing size of reels keeps things interesting. Above all, the varying possibilities will entertain you more.

Win Large Payouts

The highlight of the Megaways format is that it allows for lots of chances to win in each round. But some of these games also offer fairly large prices on top of everything else.

With BTG’s Bonanzam you can win up to a maximum of 120,000 coins. Assuming you’re wagering a decent coin size, then you’ll collect a large prize.


Megaways slots are all the rage lately. These games give you countless possible routes for picking up wins. Many such slots feature at least 50,000 ways or more. One game even offers tens of millions of winning combinations !

Of course, you don’t even need this many possibilities. You may be thoroughly satisfied with having 50,000 ways or more. But you’ll want to thoroughly understand these slots before jumping into the matter. After all, Megaways games aren’t a guaranteed path towards riches.

Most of the ways won’t be unlocked the vast majority of the time, You need to temper your expectations as a result.


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