Baccarat Myth You Never Know !

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games, especially due to its low house edge. Moreover, it is extremely simple to learn, making it ideal for beginners.

However, baccarat’s long history produced some misconceptions about the casino game.

#1 Baccarat Myth – Only High-Rollers Play Baccarat

Broad as it seems, this baccarat myth is one of the most common and unfounded ones.

The history of baccarat factually stems back to French 19th-century courts. Originally played by the rich, the game accumulated quite a bad reputation. It has taken a long time to spread among the common masses and become popular in the mainstream culture.

But let’s clarify why only wealthy people used to play baccarat.

Namely, the nobility would play baccarat for hours to no end simply because they could afford it. A game of luck as such, Punto Banco required plenty of money to keep going. As each round came, fewer players would remain at the table.

So, what did modern casinos do? They lowered the table limits

And just like that, even low-stake players could afford to play the wondrous casino game.

Especially in live baccarat online, players may invest as little as $1 per round. To exemplify, let’s look at No Commission Baccarat by Ezugi, whose lower limit stands at just $1. And if you’re wondering, “How does no Commission Baccarat work?” it’s simple. The rules are the same as in the standard variant with a player-friendly feature. Namely, the common 5% commission is removed from the Zero Commission variation.

With all that in mind, it is obvious that anyone can play live baccarat, not only high-rollers and aristocracy.

#2 Baccarat Myth – Tracking Patterns Is a Good Strategy

Here’s another myth – there are secret patterns in baccarat. Now, here’s the truth – there is none. Let us clarify.

Casinos have smart people behind closed doors. When the game was invented, there was no Tie bet. In turn, the Banker won with 51% odds. After a thorough baccarat analysis, the house came up with the Tie (Draw) to decrease the player’s advantage. Of course, the commission free variant was out of the equation in this case.

Now, with three bets instead of just two, players had to work hard to beat the house. In the process, some attempted to “track” or “detect” patterns. The keyword here is “attempted”. After following a baccarat tracker, punters perceived a seeming trend. Then, they developed a baccarat strategy called pattern-tracking. The trick about this one, though – it doesn’t work.

Again, live baccarat online is a coin-flip type of game. By that, we mean that it is not possible to predict its outcome, ever. One round does not depend on the preceding or following one. No hand implies that another one will show in the next round.

Anyone who has participated in baccarat live play knows that winning and losing streaks are common. So, it’s a complete myth to believe that anyone can predict whether Player, Banker, or Tie will succeed.

Therefore, there is 100% no such thing as a baccarat winning pattern.

#3 Baccarat Myth – Counting Cards Works

Advantage players of blackjack invented card counting to beat the dealer. In land-based blackjack, this system does work. This theory has been proven successful many times. However, counting cards in a brick-and-mortar venue is frowned upon. By all means, avoid getting noticed if you practice this blackjack advantage strategy.

But does counting cards work in baccarat?

Learning how to win a live baccarat game usually involves some sort of card counting. We’ve discussed the matter here, and here’s our conclusion if you don’t have the time to read it through. Counting cards is possible in baccarat but due to uncertainty, it is not the most profitable strategy.

In short, learning the basic rules is easy enough. However, applying those in practice can be difficult for several reasons. Firstly, you can be banned from the casino if you’re caught red-handed. Secondly, mastering card-counting can take years and you might never get there. Thirdly, variables such as the number of decks and re-shuffling may affect your strategy.


At the end of the day, keep gambling what it is – a fun hobby. While it might be employment for some, it is entertainment for most. Thus, treat it as such.

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