The Real NG Slot

Narek Gharibyan, known as NG Slot, has one of the worl’ds most popular YouTube gambling channels. Want proof? The NG Slots YouTube channel has amassed over 458,000 followers to date!

Gharibyan’s popularity stems from the experiences that he takes gamblers on, including adventures in many different US casinos. He also has massive content, with over 4,600 videos available.

Based on Gharibyan’s fame and success, questions have arisen about NG Slots’ net worth.

Our OUSC team will provide a reasonable net worth estimate while considering all notable factors. We’ll also discuss other aspects of his life, including his family and early life.

Who is NG Slot?

Behind his famed persona as NG Slot, Narek Gharibyan is a regular person like anybody else. He’s of Armenian descen and has lived in Los Angeles, California, relocating from Armenia in 2015.

Born in 1987, Gharibyan has been interested in slot machines throughout his adult years. The 36-year-old favourite hobby is going to different casinos and playing slots.

This interest led to the highly successful NG Slot’s YouTube channel today.

Aside from playing slot machines, Gharibyan is also an international jeweler with shops in the US and Russia. As covered next, his jewelry profession contributes to his net worth.

NG Slots’ Net Worth

NG Slots’ net worth to be $2 million.

Here is the breakdown.

Determining the NG Slots’ net worth isn’t an exact science because details on YouTube earnings can vary. But generally speaking, Gharibyan’s videos have made roughly $4.2 million through YouTube alone. Here’s a breakdown of this figure:

  • 1 million views deliver $10,000 on average for bigger channels.
  • NG Slots’ videos have accumulated 420 million views.
  • 10,000 x 420 = $4,200,000

He doesn’t have a $4.2 million net worth when taking out expenses. A reasonable estimate is that Gharibyan has retained $1.5 million of YouTube earnings.

We have yet to officially know how much he makes from his jewelry shops, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and Patreon donations.

Our conservative estimate is that he has accumulated $500,000 from these revenue streams after expenses.

NG Slots Biggest Wins

Gharibyan has experienced plenty of big slot wins over the years. However, three videos involving his largest payouts stand out over the rest.

#1 $20,158 in Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes Slot

The name says it all: NG Slot once held the record for the biggest handpay on YouTube. In 2019, he hit a $20,158 payout through the Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes slot machine.

Gharibyan steadily built his massive prize by landing multipliers during the bonus.

Golden Buffalo is very similar to the game whre NG slot won his biggest YouTube jackpot. It has nearly the same graphiics and stacking multipliers up to 3125x that equate to massive wins. Plus, with Bovada’s Hot Drop jackpots, hourly, daily and super prizes must hit all day long.

#2 $9140 in Du Dai Lian Lian Panda Slot

NG hit the Grand Jackpot on Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda slot in Las Vegas. He collected $9,140 by spelling out G-R-A-N-D on the reels.

Switch from Buffalo to Panda’s just like NG Slot does in his famous video, and you might hit the jackpot! With multipliers, free spins, and expanding wilds, Pandas Go Wild has the perfect list of features that combine for big payouts.

#3 $4,100 in Golden Century Slot Game

Gharibyan won a $4,100 jackpot while playing the popular Golden Century Dragon Cash slot. He triggered the bonus round, which delivers credits for each gold coin landed on the 5×3 grid.

Are you looking for a similar theme and the same main character that NG slot hits this jackpot? Find coin purses and expanding wilds in Caishen’s Revival.

NG Slots Today – What is he Up To?

Today, NG Slots is doing the same thing he’s been doing for several years—playing slot games regularly. He records and uploads multiple videos per day of his latest slot exploits.

Herein lies Narek’s greatest strength in that he works tirelessly to build and promote his channel.

As explained regarding what NG does for a living, he also has multiple jewelry shops worldwide. That said, he’s likely working on building this business.

Of course, Gharibyan’s bread and butter will remain making gambling videos. His video upload frequency and charismatic personality will ensure that the NG Slot channel remains popular well into the future.

Get Inspired and Start Playing Slots Yourself!

You can see what happened to NG through playing slot machines—his life is going great!

Of course, you may not expect to develop a major YouTube following or win huge jackpots regularly like Gharibyan.

However, you can still have plenty of fun with slot games by playing in one of your favorite real money online casinos – Infiniwin !


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