Red Door Roulette Live: Lighthing Roulette with Famous Crazy Time’s Bonus Game

The best part about being a cuttig-edge studio is the ability to mix and match your new feature together. Evolution is an expert at this, allowing players to experience their latest additions in a variety of ways.

Red Door Roulette Live puts together the highly entertaining Lightning Roulette with the thrill of Crazy Time’s bonus game. The result is a title like no other – a roulette variant that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Whenever Evolution offers something new, you can rest assured we’ll be giving it a thorough once-over. Join us for an in-depth look into their latest release to find out if it’s as impressive as it sounds.

How It Works

Despite all the new additions, this game adheres to European Roulette rules we’re all familiar with. It has a single zero wheel and lets you play different wagers depending on where you place the chip.

Rewards are adjusted based on how many numbers a bet covers. Stakes that are more likely to win have smaller payouts, while single-number wagers offer the best prizes.

You have about 20 seconds to place bets before the wheel starts spinning. Is is fully automated, meaning the host doesn’t interfere in its operations. Their job is to chat you up and keep the excitement high as the wheel unveils the winning numbers.

Red Door Roulette Live Bonus Features

What sets Red Door Roulette Live apart from other games are its features. One of them is the slot machine, which is responsible for granting access to the rest of the bonuses. After wagering ends, the host pulls the lever, revealing a bonus number between 3 and 15. This will display a corresponding number of keys that get assigned to a random bet spot.

Occasionally, a spot may also be marked with a multiplier. It ranges between 2x and 20x, increasing your prize if you bet on that number and the ball lands in it. You’ll want to get as lucky as possible with the multipliers. To ensure similar RTPs to other roulette games, Evolution reduced the Straight Up bet’s reward to 19:1 instead of the usual 35:1.

Some positions may also receive a key and multiplier simultaneously. If a ball lands in such a spot, it will trigger the Crazy Time bonus and increase all cash prizes in the feature accordingly.

The Crazy Time bonus reveals a massive lucky wheel with 64 segments. Each one hosts a guaranteed reward, along with a few Double sections. The lucky wheel spins, its flapper eventually stopping atop a tile.

If it lands on a Double segment, it will double all rewards on the wheel and spin it again. Otherwise, it’ll award the corresponding cash prize and end the feature.

Our Thoughts on Red Door Roulette Live

We came into Red Door Roulette Live expecting a remix of our favourite bonuses. However, we eneded up getting something more unique. Evolution uses the same elements as in earlier titles but arranges them differently. The result is a game that feels familiar but distinct from what come before.

If you’re looking for a fresh spin on roulette, you owe it to yourself to try this title. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s entertaining enough to charm most live casino players.


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