Types of Slots – By Paylines

Paylines are where players need to lineup a slot’s symbols to determine their payout. Slots tend to make the number of paylines an attractive feature to any punter, including ones that provide anyone with many payout opportunities.

Single-Payline Slots

Vintage slot machines usually have only one pay line, which is a straight line running across the reels. Three-reel slots tend to have only one pay line to achieve the classic slot gameplay.

What makes single-payline slots appealing is how players do not need to increase their bets just to maximize their chances of winning in each spin. One example of a slot that brings out the best of the game with only a single-payline is 888 Dragons Slots by Pragmatic Play.

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Multi-Payline Slots

Plenty of modern and upcoming slots have more than one paylines that give players plenty of opportunities to win. Even popular three-reel slots use three to nine paylines. Take note that most multi-payline slots require additional bets to turn on two or more paylines.

100-Payline Slots

When just a few paylines are not enough, 100-payline slots are just what the doctor ordered. Players flock to these slots because of the sheer amount of lines to match the symbols. 100-paylines also make wild symbols exciting since the feature allows players to maximize most or all of the lines.

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