What are the best days to go to the casino ?

Wondering what’s the luckiest day to visit the casino? We break the superstitious belief by discussing the reasons why certain days are the best ones for you to visit the casino.

Much like during a sale, you get a good value on your visit to a casino when they are running special offers or promotions on a specific day. These promotions can be something as simple as a multiplier that increases the points on your VIP or rewards card each time you bet.


Much like during a sale, you get a good value on your visit to a casino when they are running special offers or promotions on a specific day. For example, during this Halloween, Infiniwin is now offering Halloween Special Deposit x15 Promotion up to MYR2888 !

Apart from seasonal offers, you also could enjoy other promotions such as 20% daily deposit bonus and also live casino/sportsbook/ slot games weekly unlimited rebates. Take advantage of these awesome promotions to increase your bankroll and winning at the same time.


It pays to bring plenty of money to your casino visit. You want to have more than enough to play the games you want while having enough cash to enjoy other amenities of the casino or city itself.

Ideally, you want to use money that is not a part of your disposable income. There are plenty of sources for your extra cash such as getting back the money you borrowed to someone you know or from selling your old belongings. If you happen to get a large return on your taxes or you got a major performance bonus from work in one day, it is the best day to win at a casino.

How much extra cash is enough for you to a casino? One method is to consider the games you are playing and the cost it takes to play them for one hour. If you aim to fully enjoy the slots or tables throughout your visit, consider bringing just enough cash for the visit. On the other hand, do not worry about bringing too much money with you if you intend to get rich.


One of the best times to play slots, blackjack, and other casino games is when you have plenty of free time. All the money and luck in the world would mean nothing if you cannot spend it. Free time can come in different ways for various people such as long weekends involving holidays. Simply download Infiniwin App and you can start to play with your mobile phone anytime anywhere !

Do not let superstition decide when you should take a fun trip to your favorite casino. Simple and practical reasons such as the crowds, budget, and free time ensure your enjoyment upon your visit to any major online casino.


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